Apple manages to get rid of class action involving inspecting its employees' bags / backpacks

In the process, some Apple Retail Stores employees complain that “they are treated like thieves”

At Apple Retail Stores have always been recognized for excellence in service. Regardless of whether or not you leave the store with the product you want to buy, whether or not you can solve the problem, it is usually well attended. However, some employees feel that Ma does not treat them with the same respect given to customers and, in 2013, decided to file a lawsuit against the company.

In short, they claim that they are required to undergo scholarship searches at the end of each work shift that lasts between 10 to 15 minutes. Even though we have to stay inside the store to wait for everyone to be searched, this period ends up not counting as working hours and does not count in the remuneration account. These magazines are made even when employees leave the store at lunchtime, in front of consumers, and they obviously serve to discourage possible thefts.

More than the money itself, some employees do not agree with the policy and sent emails to Tim Cook complaining about the situation. According to a document of the process, which has now emerged as informed by the Reuters, one said that store managers were obliged to treat valuable employees "like criminals". Cook, of course, disliked any of this and forwarded that email to Apple's HR chief questioning whether that was really true, Denise Young Smith's response, however, is not in the document.

In another email, a Chinese employee complained that Apple treats its workers as "animals and thieves", further stating that the emergency exit of the store in which he works is blocked by Apple products.

Cook's response to that email is not in the document, but the issue has been widely discussed by other Apple executives, including Smith: “If it [serves] simply to dissuade, there has to be a more intelligent and respectful way of doing it. "

The lawsuit itself was dismissed by Judge William Alsup, but plaintiffs Amanda Frelkin, Taylor Kalin, Aaron Gregoroff, Seth Dowling and Debra Speicher have consolidated their cases and are trying to turn it into a collective action that will all be decided on July 2 .

[via AppleInsider]