In the Netherlands, a Romanian gang steals almost R $ 2 million in iPhones in a spectacular assault on a moving truck

It could be the opening scene of a blockbuster billionaire Christopher Nolan, but the purest reality: a Romanian gang assaulted a path in motion and it took an amount of iPhones worth approximately 500,000 (~ R $ 1.85 million) on a Dutch road.

Hard to believe? Well read on.

The story happened about a week ago. The group of five Eastern European men, who were already being hunted by Dutch police for a series of robberies over the past year, decided to take their boldest action by stealing a path at 110km / h taking thousands of iPhones in a seemingly already maneuver. notorious called “Romanian method”.

It works like this: the evildoers, driving an SUV, pull up at the back of the target path. Two of the team members get out of the car through the sunroof and lean on the cap equipped with a non-slip surface. Then, one of the two crazy bandits jumps forward to break the lock on the back door of the path, while the other holds his legs. Then they both enter the cargo compartment of the vehicle and pass the goods back to the SUV without the unsuspecting driver of the road noticing anything.

Here is a video capture of the maneuver, performed on another occasion:

The gang in question had already carried out other robberies of the same strain on other occasions (apparently, we are talking about crime professionals on wheels), but none of them involved iPhones. Fortunately, however, the story has a happy ending for anyone who has some affection for the law: the group, which consists of men between 33 and 43 years old, was arrested last weekend in a house in the Netherlands, where the police located all stolen smartphones.

Now, the gang will go to court and certainly spend a few years without even being able to get into a vehicle that will then say steal things in one.

via AppleInsider