Lily Next-Gen

In the hands of another company, the charismatic drone Lily resurfaces from the ashes in a less robust version

With a name and “face” (literally) very cute, the drone Lily surprised everyone when it appeared in 2015. After all, a drone that just needed a tracker attached to the user – no need to operate a controller -, portable, waterproof and that would film automatically was basically every enthusiast’s dream .

However, reality hit ferociously and, earlier this year, the company ended its activities without having delivered even one of the 60 thousand units (yes, quite a lot!) Sold in the pre-sale.

After the fiasco, the Lily brand rights were sold to the Mota Group for $ 300,000, while LR Acquisitions bought the company’s patents and 70 prototypes for the old project – even GoPro joined in the fun, bidding $ 250,000 for intellectual property.

Now, the company responsible for it has relaunched the official page with the successor of the drone, the Lily Next-Gen.

Lily Next-Gen

The new Lily remained with the colors of the previous one, however it is more compact and comes with a 13 megapixel camera, capable of shooting in 4K resolution. The feature of following the user is still in this version, but even though they treat him as a “next generation”, the fundamental functions that surprised the public are no longer present.

Lily Next-Gen

That is: unlike the one presented back there, the new Lily is not waterproof, it does not have the tracker that enabled the device to follow the user and it is also not possible to just launch it into the air so that it starts its flight – that is, everything that made it a revolutionary drone ended up going downhill. Still, they claim that it takes “a touch” to fly or land.

Considering their already tarnished reputation, $ 700 (or $ 500, for the first buyers) charged by the company can make sales difficult, since it will compete with more established names (DJI and Parrot, for example) and in the same price range.

Lily Next-Gen

It is true that all customers of the first version received the money back, but who will have the courage to invest in the project again? Even though we know that it is in the hands of other responsible people, we are always left behind. Anyway, I really hope it works because the proposal, although inferior to the first one, is a good one.

If anyone wants to venture out, they can purchase it at the promotional price directly on the official website.

via TechCrunch