Depth Control on iPhone XS

In the future, iPhone XS owners will be able to adjust the depth of photos before taking them

As we have already pointed out, one of the most interesting features of the XS, XS Max and XR iPhones is the possibility to adjust the blur of an image (the popular effect bokeh) natively. This feature allows the user to control the depth of field of a photo after it has been captured.

Everything indicates, however, that Apple plans to allow users to adjust this depth while taking a photo, as the German website reported. Macerkopf. The novelty is even available in the first beta of iOS 12.1, released a few days ago.

As we said, depth of field control is only possible after an image has already been captured using the Portrait Mode. Therefore, it is likely that in iOS 12.1 it is possible to adjust this effect directly in the Camera app, using the same slider that is displayed when you edit the image.

Of course, we are still talking about a beta version of iOS that may change. Despite being in testing now, the Macerkopf pointed out that this type of control will be available ‚Äúin the future‚ÄĚ; anyway, Apple said to the German website that the option will be launched later this year.

As Apple told us, this type of depth control will be possible in the future. A future iOS update will bring the slider directly to the Camera app, so you can adjust the depth of field directly when shooting.

We have not been informed on which iOS update this will happen and when it will be shown. [A Apple] just told us that the iOS 12.x update will be released later this year.

Although the XS, XS Max and XR iPhones have this depth control, we know that the 6.1 ″ model has some limitations in Portrait Mode in relation to flagships: the rear camera of the iPhone XR does not have all the effects of Portrait Lighting Mode and recognizes only people when it comes to blurring the background of an image.

We will have to wait, then, to find out if the iPhone XR will gain this ability to adjust the depth of field after the image is captured ‚Äď perhaps it will be available only to the front camera of the device, which has the same characteristics and performs the same functions than those of the XS / XS Max iPhones.

via 9to5Mac