In Thailand, Tim Cook meets WWDC fellows, volleyball team and more

Asia Tour: In Thailand, Tim Cook meets WWDC fellows, volleyball team and more

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, followed with his tour through Asia and, after visiting Japan and Singapore – where he met with local officials, photographers, developers, athletes, etc. -, shared the best moments of his visit to Thailand on twitter.

The executive went to Bangkok, the country’s capital, where he met students, teachers and athletes – in addition to visiting some of the city’s tourist spots.

To start his activities in Thailand, Cook went to the Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun), located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, one of the largest in the country.

สวัสดี Thailand! My journey this morning along the Chao Phraya River culminated in a visit to the peaceful Wat Arun. Thank you Jirasak Panpiansin for showing me this historic temple through your lens. (IG: joez19) ??

After his visit to the Temple of Dawn, Cook visited the Satit-Chula school (using the Creativity for All curriculum (“Everyone Can Create”) to meet with the institution’s students and teachers.

More than impressed by the Satit-Chula students in Bangkok, who are using the Everyone Can Create to learn the science behind how day becomes night. Here you go to reach the stars! ⭐️

Cook also met with national thai women’s volleyball team, winner of this year’s Southeast Asian Games, to follow how they use ‌iPad‌ and ‌Apple Watch‌ in their training.

Congratulations to the national women’s volleyball team of Thailand for winning gold at # SEAGames2019! Great to meet Coach Danai, @ nootsara13, @malikaboth and the rest of the team and see how they use Apple Watch and iPad in training. สู้ ๆ โชค ดี สำหรับ รอบ คัด ตัว โอลิมปิก นะ ครับ

The executive also met with two students WWDC scholarship winners and met the Studygrammer (adept at the practice of learning through the web, more precisely through Instagram) Peanut Butter, which translates the Thai language into iOS software.

Spending time with Thailand’s WWDC scholarship winners Kiratijuta and Patcharapon filled my heart. It’s amazing to see how their careers have taken off since WWDC! It is very good to know the studygrammer Peanut Butter, which brings intricate Thai calligraphy to life on the iPad. Impressive!

It is likely that this was the executive’s last stop on his tour of the Asian continent, but we will continue to follow the CEO’s movements.