In record time, Apple releases security update for macOS High Sierra

Apple is well aware that the security breach found last night in the macOS High Sierra serious.

In record time, an update has just been released fixing the bug.

O Security Update 2017-001 It is already available on the Mac App Store and is obviously highly recommended for all users of the operating system.


Apparently, the flaw only affected users running macOS 10.13.1, specifically and who were, as we said yesterday, without a root user password (root) defined.

Incidentally, here's the tip: after applying the security update, return to the macOS Directory Utility and disable the root user if it is not explicitly necessary for you.

Some users said that the update itself already deactivates, but it is good to make sure of that.

In a statement given to John Paczkowski, from BuzzFeed, Apple said:

Security is the top priority in every Apple product, and we hit the ball with this version of macOS.

() We deeply regret this mistake and apologize to all Mac users.

() Our customers deserve the best.

We are auditing our development processes to prevent this from happening again.

That it was something serious, no one doubts it.

But Apple's response to the problem was first-rate, and very quick.

tip from Pedro Ruas