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In partnership with NGOs, Apple will bring programming education to underrepresented communities

In yet another of its initiatives to bring programming language education to under-represented communities, Apple today announced a partnership with Dream corps, an Oakland-based NGO (California, United States) that proposes social action on many fronts for human rights, environmental and social progress for minorities and people from adverse social backgrounds.

For some years now, Dream Corps has been running a program called #YesWeCode (?Yes, We Programmed?) dedicated to bringing programming education to these underrepresented communities and putting young people in these communities into successful careers in the technology sector. More than 100 people have already graduated from the program and 60 of them are already working at technology companies; The idea of ??Dream Corps eventually help 100,000 people.

That's exactly what Apple enters: Apple will collaborate on expanding the program, initially in the city of Oakland and soon across the state of California. For its part, Ma will offer technology, professional support, curriculum counseling, and support to young people in elementary and high school or at university.

The emphasis of the program, of course, is on language Swift Ma, and young people will attend classes, workshops, events and meetings for the exhibition in the technological world and the preparation for a successful career in the area.

Ma's vice president of environmental, political and social initiatives Lisa Jackson shared a few words about the partnership:

We are very excited to launch this new initiative in Oakland. Our hope is that by bringing knowledge, stakeholders and resources, we will be able to extend the already impressive impact that Dream Corps is having on the Bay Area and around the country, helping a new generation of young people recognize their potential.

Apple's partnership with Dream Corps will begin later this year in Oakland. Very cool, isn't it?