In Other Waters, Good Job! and more titles

April's best indie games: In Other Waters, Good Job!  and more titles

We selected the best indie games of April that you can’t miss

The independent games (popularly known as indie games) have gained prominence in the electronic entertainment industry in recent years.

Freelance developers and small studios create experiences that are as impressive as many games produced by large companies.

For that reason, the Showmetech starts a special column with the best indie games launched (or on sale) every month.

In addition to informing you about what is most interesting in the independent game scene at the moment, we will do a brief analysis of each title and show you on which platforms and at what prices you can find each game.

In Other Waters

Despite the title, make no mistake: In Other Waters is not an aquatic exploration game like so many others like the beautiful Abzu or the scary Subnautica.

Here, the experience is simpler, but it is still as deep and engaging as the waters you are exploring.

In Other Waters is one of April's indie gamesIn Other Waters puts you in control of an AI that needs to guide a scientist through the depths of an alien ocean

This adventure sci-fi puts you in control of a IA who commands the underwater suit of researcher Ellery as she investigates the oceans of the planet Gliese 677c in search of signs of alien life.

Throughout the game you have access to the digital interface of the costume that allows you to guide the scientist and control other functions of the technological apparatus to conduct the research.

All interactions with Ellery are done through dialog boxes, but the lack of speech is made up for by a fantastic sound editing that makes you feel in the depths of a mysterious ocean while listening to the sound of creatures passing by you or clouds of acid dissolving in front of you.

In Other Waters it’s a simple themed game sci-fi with a different perspective of underwater exploration that makes you think about what may be hidden under the waves of the sea.

Available: Steam (R $ 28.99) and Nintendo Switch (R $ 63.94)

Good Job!

Do you miss the work environment during this quarantine period? Good, Good Job! it can be a good option to meet your professional needs.

In this game you take on the role of an employee on your first day at your new job.

Nobody is questioning your professional skills, but be prepared to deal with many accidents at work and problems that will give you and your boss a big headache.

Good Job!Good Job! will show you that office work can be more fun than you think

In Good Job! you need to fulfill certain tasks within the company, but almost all of your professional missions involve some kind of obstacle or problem that you will have to deal with in order to solve.

Despite so many confusions, don’t be scared because the game’s visuals and animations will ensure that you are smiling or laughing out most of the time.

Definitely the biggest highlight of Good Job! it is due to its look using stick figures and simplistic scenarios that seem to have come out of a work safety brochure.

Even without being able to see their expressions or those of their co-workers, the game’s design does a fantastic feat in creating such a fun gameplay with such a simple aesthetic essence.

Available: Nintendo Switch (R $ 83,59)

Shinsekai: Into the Depths

Shinsekai: Into the Depths it’s a very different game from In Other Waters.

In addition to seeing a submarine world rich in details, the player must deal with several different mechanics to survive during his exploration of the seabed.

April's best indie games: In Other Waters, Good Job!  and more titlesShinsekai invites players to explore the seabed and discover its mysteries

Launched in 2019 for the Apple Arcade, the game now arrives at Nintendo Switch.

With an impressive look and elements of survival, Shinsekai encourages the player to explore the seabed in search of answers.

At times the game may seem longer and more repetitive than it should be, but its incredible sound editing and level design make up for these flaws.

If you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in this fantastic adventure, always pay attention to the oxygen meter in your water suit and explore every corner of the underwater world to find improvements for your equipment.

Also, don’t forget to use headphones to ensure a much more immersive experience.

Available: Apple Arcade and Nintendo Switch (R $ 88.09)

A Fold Apart

There may not be a game that captures with greater perfection the current feeling that boyfriends and friends feel in this time of social distance due to the pandemic of COVID-19. A Fold Apart it is a touching story of a couple separated for professional reasons and who must fight to keep the relationship at a distance alive and strong.

April's best indie games: In Other Waters, Good Job!  and more titlesFold Apart uses a paper-fold aesthetic to tell a touching story

The whole look of the game resembles paper folding and paper mache work.

In addition, all gameplay revolves around solving mechanics puzzles folding and unfolding scenarios.

The characters, the story and the scenarios, all blend in an engaging story that shows a feeling that it was made with great care by the developers.

The game has some dropping problems framerate at certain times of the gameplay, but nothing that seriously impairs the player’s experience.

The level of difficulty of the puzzles is appropriate and they are never very easy or very complex.

Perhaps one of the most captivating elements of the game is being able to live this story and be able to contemplate the lives of both characters at the same time.

Available: Steam (R $ 37.99) and Nintendo Switch (R $ 82.17)

And you reader, what did you think of our selection of indie games for the month of April? Leave your opinion comments.

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