In New Study, Apple Out of Top 10 Patenting Companies in 2018

In New Study, Apple Out of Top 10 Patenting Companies in 2018

Earlier this year, we published an article stating that Apple was among the top 10 patents in 2018 in the United States. But it was made by IFI Claims. Now another one released by Patently apple and prepared by Intellectual Property Owners (IPO) states that the company was 11.

According to the association, Ma registered 2,147 patents, a 3.6% drop in the IFI Claims study, 2,160, a 3% drop.

Although very close numbers, these variations (for both Apple and other companies) made Cupertino's firm number 11 in the IPO ranking, while in IFI Claims it was 9.

Check out part of the IPO ranking below:

Patent Ranking

In both rankings, however, the Top 3 It was the same: IBM, Samsung and Canon.

The total number of patents granted by the USPTO in 2018, according to the IPO, was 307,759, down 3.5% from 2017. However, the number of filing applications increased in 2018 as it takes about 1-2 years. for patents to be granted, and by 2019-2020 the number of registrations could grow.

It is worth noting that filing a huge amount of patents does not necessarily make a company more innovative than its competitors, yet there is no sign that the research and development department is working on new ideas, solutions and technologies.

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