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In its first month, Apple Music reaches 10 million subscribers

Today the Apple Music completes its first month of existence. And, according to the Hits Daily Double, at least 10 million of people have already subscribed to the service. Apple has yet to confirm this number, but according to some music industry executivesstreaming), the thing well for a.

Apple Music on iPhones

It may seem little considering the number of people who own iPhones and can be impacted by Apple Music, but to get an idea of ​​the relevance of that number, Spotify took just over five years to reach the same brand.

But what do those 10 million really mean? Some facts must be considered:

  • Although there are 10 million subscribers, Spotify has a base of around 75 million users (between subscribers and non-subscribers).
  • This was the first of three months for free trials that Apple is offering to users.
  • APing (Apple's late music social network) had a very similar beginning, in which the membership was also great. But it happened

The big challenge for Apple is to start even in September, when this initial wave of users should start paying for their subscriptions if they want to continue using the service.

Regardless, finish the first month with this amazing user volume. Now we’ll see if / when the company manages to reach its goal of 100 million subscribers.

(via AppleInsider)