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In Italy, Tim Cook endorses Apple privacy laws and comments on sustainability

The last days of the Apple CEO have been very hectic; after passing through Germany and France, Tim cook went to Italy, where he met with professionals from the area of ​​education and journalism that make up the Permanent Observatoryis an Apple-backed private institution that promotes media education through classes, teacher training, research and outreach.

During his visit to the Observatory, the executive was the special guest of the 20th edition of “The Daily in Class” (“Il Quotidiano in Classe”), where Apple and other not so related topics were discussed. About the fake newsFor example, Cook said the internet brought "a lot of positive things, but false news is not one of them":

All of us, lovers of democracy and freedom, must think that separating the false from the true is the basis of freedom. Quality journalism is the basis of all democracy and an essential free and open press.

Quality journalism is crucial for all our lives, communities and society at large. I am revived by the passion and desire for truth shown by the students of Firenze tonight, and proud to work with the Permanent Observatory to help students understand the world around them more accurately.

Cook also talked about a topic closer to Ma: privacy. He reiterated his belief that Apple customers are not "company products" and that Apple will never sell its users' data: "At Apple, we will always treat you as customers with dignity and respect."

In addition, Cook highlighted the environmental efforts like the fact that it runs 100% on renewable energy:

We do not do this because it is required by regulations, but because it is a moral imperative.

Finally, Cook gave advice to students benefiting from the Permanent Observatory program regarding the use of technology:

Smartphones should bring them closer to those who are far away and not leave those near you. If you spend more time looking at your smartphones than in people's eyes, you're wrong.


In a separate interview for the newspaper Les echosCook also addressed a subject that is usually on the agenda of his interviews: cryptocurrencies. He said he was against the idea of ​​companies creating their currencies, such as what Facebook is doing with the Pound.

No. I really think coins should be in the hands of governments. I don't feel like the idea of ​​a private group creating a cryptocurrency. A private company should not be trying to get power that way.

Passing through France

Also during Executive France's last visit, he visited the music app developer Newzik. Cook also paid a visit Herms, French luxury brand Ma partner with Apple Watch.

@ @Newzik_App reimagined how orchestras read music to a note at a different level. Thanks to the staff and the musicians for showing how it all fits into a wonderful presentation! 🎻

Herms is a timeless example of excellent craftsmanship and relentless commitment to excellence values ​​that we share deeply. Thanks Axel and Pierre-Alexis, it was a privilege to see your team working today.

Now for Italy

In Italy, Cook gave an al for Apple Firenze employees:


Florena is such a special place. It was a great visit with our team and our customers at Apple Firenze. Thank you! 🇮🇹

What is the next stop, cooker?

via 9to5Mac