In China, Lenovo is testing ZUK line software on Moto Z

In China, Lenovo is testing ZUK line software on Moto Z

Lenovo is a manufacturer that surprised us in 2016 with the arrival of the Moto Z line. But not everyone knows that the Chinese brand develops three lines of devices. Moto, Vibe and ZUK are brands under the company's tutelage and, according to information from the Chinese market, Lenovo is testing the interface of the ZUK models on Moto series devices.

Apparently Lenovo's intention is to minimize efforts in developing different software for its three smartphone brands. At first glance, the idea sounds good, as the system design team will focus on improving a single interface. In this case, the return on faster updates would be more assured, even for the Vibe line (who has a Vibe K5 knows this).

In India, for example, ZUK smartphones go out of the box with Google Now Launcher, while the Vibe series sold in Brazil runs leaner software when compared to the same models sold in China. In contrast, the newly launched Moto M j shows that its differentiated software, containing some aspects of the Vibe UI.

AndroidPIT moto z play vs Moto g4 plus 0515
Unmodified Moto G4 + (left) and Moto Z (right) interface / AndroidPIT

Lenovo recently released the ZUK Edge that comes bundled with ZUI 2.5, which is based on Android 7.0 Nougat. This is the most up-to-date interface that Lenovo has at the moment, and perhaps that's why it was chosen for the tests the company has been running on Moto series handsets. According to the site PhoneRadarLenovo has selected 25 users to participate in ZUI's Moto Z beta testing program.

Remember that Lenovo recently said that it will centralize its projects in the Moto series, as the Vibe line will go out of circulation at some point. If the company is willing to invest in a standard, custom interface for its single device series, ZUK and Moto, it is normal to choose the software that is best developed.

What do you think about this change? Would you stop buying a Moto Z, for example, if it came with a custom interface?

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