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In an official note, Mi Store Brasil informs that it has no link with Xiaomi

We are experiencing times when much can change when it comes to import, ANATEL has announced that it will take steps to regulate the service and the Post Office is already charging additional fees for each imported product.

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In this confusion, some companies appear bridging the gap between Chinese brand fans and smartphones (mainly) so desired here in Brazil. This is the case of Mi Store Brasil, which imports Chinese-branded products. Xiaomi and resells here in the country, without going through the same process as other major manufacturers. This store even came to be called Xiaomi Store, but had to change the name at the request of Xiaomi itself, and eventually changed to Mi Store.

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Through the store, which also has a kiosk in a mall in Blumenau, people can buy branded products that until recently claimed to be an authorized dealer, according to a report on the site. Tudocellular.

To answer the site and its publication, the store Mi Store Brasil wrote a note on its official website and explained in detail how its performance in the Brazilian market works.

"But what about the Tudocellar subject? If you were reading this article and thought that we missed it, you were wrong, we are transparent to our customers and yes misleadingly our development and marketing team misused the word 'Authorized' "Mi Store Brasil in official note

The company says in the note that "a company without ties to Xiaomibut reselling products Xiaomi in Brazil with the idea of ​​offering the same experience to branded orphan enthusiasts. "

Currently, China's product prices on sales sites such as Gearbest have experienced an increase in the rate for buying imported products. Even if this charge, marked as shipping cost, is not established for all products of Gearbestis already a considerable addition to the product.


If you are thinking of buying a smartphone from China or another country, this is not a good time.

When it comes to price, the difference between MiStore and Gearbest, for example, is not so much.

We use as comparison the same model of smartphone, the Pocophone F1 in 6GB in RAM and 64GB storage, appliance per release $ 300 as the cheapest to come with Snapdragon 845.

Mi Store Brasil: $ 799.99 + shipping (about 21 days for delivery) Gearbest: R $ 1214.96 + Shipping cost of R $ 298.41 (from 20-50 days to delivery. (Total: R $ 151.37) – Excluding any extra charges

Gearbest and Mi Store Brazil offer warranty for store-bought products, with rules that vary.

Import of products from China and impacts on the Brazilian market involving ANATEL, post offices and other regulatory bodies are being closely watched by us here from the Connected World.

Although we notice many changes and movements, there are still no major definitions for consumers. Stay tuned here on the site we will tell you all the news on the subject.

Fact that these products are not officially approved as models of brands with representation in Brazil, such as Apple, Asus, LG, Motorola, Samsung, among others. The consumer tends to be on the side of what is best for him, despite having several questions in this process compared to companies seeking to enter legally as the bureaucracy dictates, and consequently delivering products with higher costs since they have a larger structure. of spending and taxes.

Anyway, a subject much discussed these days, and that will still give much sleeve.

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