In an interview with Good Morning America, Tim Cook talks about iOS 11, iPhone X, Face ID, Steve Jobs and more

As routinely happens after Apple products are announced, several interviews with executives paint here and there.

This time Ma's own CEO, Tim cook, talked to Robin Roberts on the show Good morning americafrom ABC television about all the news recently announced by the company.

iOS and ARKit

One of the most impressive news that was unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017 was ARKit. The examples that came up on the web are jaw-dropping and make us wonder how far the technology can go, and we also look forward to getting our hands on the apps that will pop up. The CEO really seems as excited as us consumers.

We're taking the complex and making it simple, and that's what Apple is so fantastic about. We took the complexity that developers would have to do into their applications and made it easier for them to convert all their applications into one AR experience.

In one day, we can make AR available to hundreds of millions of people. This will happen within a few hours. This a day to remember.

IOS 11 has just been released to the general public.

Face ID

Because the face recognition technology introduced on iPhone X is quite new, there are still many questions about how it works. However, the company has already talked a lot about it through its executives.

Still, the interviewer brought up the privacy and security issue with Face ID, but Cook said it was not something to worry about, remembering that the data remains on the device.

We are very protective of our customers' data. We believe that privacy is very important in this world, there are hackers everywhere trying to steal your information. We want it to be yours in ours.

Still, Cook suggested, at one point in the interview, that using the feature with multiple users is not recommended, but gave no details on that.

iPhone X

Among several controversies that the new Apple device caused was the complete removal of the famous button of Incio; so of course this was one of the subjects of the interview. Cook, as cheerfully optimistic as ever, said there would be no problem with the adaptation.

The beloved start button. But we think that having a screen from one end to the other, so that the whole phone is a screen, is something even more loved.

One of the viewers asked about the "out of range" price of the new device and the CEO just said that the price paid for the technology included and that few people pay the price; some installments, others have discounts due to the exchange program offered by Apple.

IPhone X will be available for purchase on October 27, scheduled for November 3.

Steve Jobs

Unsurprisingly, Roberts cited Cook's emotional moment at the beginning of the event when he inaugurated the Steve Jobs Theater. He told how Jobs's vision remains unchanged in the company to this day. This, although they sell a lot, is not intended to sell the maximum, but to do the best for everyone, not just for some.

I walked into the theater that day and from the moment I walked in that day, I could feel him there. Your DNA is basically Apple's DNA.

(Apple) is a value-based company that is making insanely great products that are easy to use and technology takes the back seat. The superior user experience for us, we want users to be happy.

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Cook also talked about other issues, such as his response to the potential end of the DACA program, among other issues.

Check out the full interview in English:

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