In an interview, Jony Ive talks about iPhone X: “It's not the conclusion of the iPhone, it's the beginning of a new chapter”

Winded up Jony ive. A few days after giving an interview about Apple's (intact, he says) ability to provoke revolutions, the design boss at Ma spoke again, this time to the Japanese magazine. Brutus House. The main subject of the conversation, however, was quite different: the company's new flagship smartphone, the iPhone X.

According to the designer, the design of the new smartphone is one of the most complex that Apple has ever developed, having required more than two full years just for the incubation phase (ie when the necessary technologies are brought together to make the device manufacture). possible).

Even so, Ive himself stated that the launch of the iPhone X and the celebration of the ten years of iPhone genesis, above all, a "wonderful coincidence." That is, even though the company put pressure on those responsible to get the device ready this year, there was a good chance that the project would be delayed due to lack of technical resources (which, fortunately, did not happen).

The designer stated that one of the main points of the iPhone since its inception was the introduction of new paradigms for interaction with the interface. This comes from the introduction of technology. multi touch that revolutionized the world on Ma's first smartphone and continues with iPhone X especially with the Face ID, which alters the user's relationship with the device and presents an experience, he said, even better by dispensing the contact required by the Touch ID.

Regarding the design of the new smartphone, Ive reiterates that it is the closest materialization at the moment of his vision of a device that is a single piece of glass, but not in its realization Apple will continue to work to evolve that idea.

Before him, there was a feeling that two separate components, called casing and screen, existed. What we always wanted to do was address the essence of integrating what we consider different parts. Looking at iPhone X from this point of view, I think it took several years, but we finally did it.

() We have a lot of great ideas and we are already working on them. Not a conclusion for the iPhone, but a new chapter and the beginning of its development.

That said, it is inevitable to ask: what will the next ten years of the iPhone hold for us? I can't wait to see how to be the "iPhone XX".

via MacRumors