Phil Schiller and John Gruber

In an interview, Apple’s marketing boss talks about 16GB iPhones, battery, new MacBook and more! [atualizado: vídeo]

The guy is able. After having your website published during the WWDC 2015 keynote (in the demo of the new app News), John Gruber (of Daring Fireball) interviewed Phil Schiller (Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing) in the last episode of his podcast (The Talk Show) – which was broadcast live, on video, to everyone at dawn yesterday to today.

Phil Schiller and John Gruber

Here are the main points discussed:

iPhones with “only” 16GB

There is also a controversial point, addressed in the chat. Gruber questioned Schiller about the base storage of iPhones still being the same 16GB as when Apple launched the iPhone 3GS. At a time when some apps are over 1GB, space is important to everyone, even those who are not supposed to care much about it.

Schiller, however, countered by saying that more and more people are using cloud services (such as Apple’s iCloud itself) to store photos, videos, documents and files in general, taking all that weight out of local storage. Thus, Apple thinks it would be good to offer a 16GB product at a lower price to more price-sensitive customers who are able to live in an environment where they don’t need many gigabytes of local storage.

On that, let’s agree that it doesn’t stick. After all, the idea is for Apple to double the storage base from 16GB to 32GB while maintaining the same input value as products for customers – which it can easily do considering that the price of flash memory has been falling over the years.

Another argument used by Schiller, however, is that with the money Apple saves by not upgrading from 16GB to 32GB, it ends up investing in other areas (such as the smartphone camera).


It is known that every year Apple makes its products thinner and thinner, keeping battery life more or less the same. Many question this, even stating that they would give up this increasingly thinner thickness in favor of a better battery. For Gruber raised this issue in the interview.

Schiller countered this by stating that if people want a product that is thicker, with a bigger battery, it will consequently be heavier, more expensive and take longer to recharge. Therefore, Apple models each thickness, size, weight and tries to find out what the tradeoffs are in each of these combinations. Only then does she decide which option to pursue – and he believes the company has made the right choices.

Only a single USB-C port on the new MacBook

Regarding the new Apple notebook, Schiller said he wants an Apple that is at risk, that is aggressive. At times, just being incremental is not enough, exciting enough. “We need to take a chance.”

Apple’s marketing boss knows that the new MacBook is not a computer that will please everyone, but that Apple needs to launch visionary products in order to push the world into this future that it envisions in which we will no longer need to connect wires to our computers. notebooks.

Another subjects

They also talked about other subjects such as the duration of the presentations (Apple always tries to keep everything between 1h45 / 2h15 and, therefore, always has to make many choices about what will be presented), the release of a watchOS SDK with the possibility of create native apps (something that got to Watch faster than the first iPhone, for example) and Apple Music (and the fact that Apple still offers track / CD purchases individually, which for Schiller makes sense in many cases) .

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The full video of the interview is due to be published by Gruber soon – we will update this article as soon as it happens.

[via The Verge, 9to5Mac]

Update · Jun 12, 2015 at 21:10

Here is the full video of the interview: