In an editorial, Edward Snowden applauds Apple's initiatives for user privacy

In a rare editorial written for the New York Times, former CIA systems administrator and former NSA contractor Edward Snowden talked about the advances that have taken place worldwide in favor of user privacy since the National Security Agency from the United States was exposed two years ago.

Only a single company was cited and applauded in Snowden's text.

Here is the excerpt in question, freely translated by us [emphasis added]:

Beyond the borders of the law, progress has been taking place even more rapidly.

Technologists have been working tirelessly to rebuild the security of devices around us, along with the language of the Internet itself.

Secret loopholes in critical infrastructure that were exploited by governments to facilitate mass espionage have been detected and corrected.

Basic technical protections like cryptography previously considered esoteric and unnecessary are now enabled by default in security products.

pioneering companies like Apple, ensuring that even if your phone is stolen, your private life remains private.

Such structural technological changes can guarantee access to basic privacy across borders, isolating ordinary citizens from arbitrary approval of anti-privacy laws, such as those that are now falling on Russia.

In the text, Snowden also cited the approval of Marco Civil in Brazil as a positive advance.

[via AppleInsider]