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In addition to Swift, Apple also opened source codes for OS X version 10.11

In December, Apple stood out in the press for having opened the code for its new programming language Swift, fulfilling a promise made during WWDC 2015, in June last year. However, not as evident as that was the availability of the Unix component code for OS X 10.11 El Capitan, released at the end of September by the company.

For each version of your operating systems (for both iGadgets for Macs), Apple has always made interested versions of its Darwin, the base system that contains all the primary components on which OS X and iOS are based. The same component package was also offered for the latest versions of Xcode and OS X Server, as noted by 9to5Mac in December.

Unlike the most popular projects, in which Apple highlights its information in a new portal updated to the public with the opening of the Swift language, the source of Darwin's released versions remains hosted in a repository that apparently has not received changes since 2012 although he is briefly quoted on the new website. Previously, the company also kept some other OS X technology projects open on Mac OS Forge, where most of the latest products were kept until OS X 10.7 Lion.

Currently, Darwin components are used by a minority of Apple users, but they are essential in the interoperability of OS X with the Unix / Linux world, aiming at carrying common programs and offering package management for the platform. Two of his most popular derivative projects are Homebrew and MacPorts, widely recognized by developers.