In addition to "iSlate", Apple would also have secretly registered the "Magic Slate" brand

In addition to "iSlate", Apple would also have secretly registered the "Magic Slate" brand

Yesterday, we announced here on the website that Apple would have registered the islate domain secretly, but the MacRumors he went even deeper into the investigations and found that the same company used to control this domain also secured another related name: "Magic Slate".

One of several mockups of Apple tabletsOne of several mockups of Apple tablets

As we commented yesterday, the word “Slate”, in English, it has a lot to do with a tablet, as it can mean “blackboard” or “blackboard”. The "Magic" gives a sensation of a magical / surprising product, and it was this same nomenclature that Apple used to rename its mouse, now known as Magic Mouse.

Following this line, it is worth remembering a rumor raised by John Gruber, from Daring Fireballin mid-October. At that time, he said that Apple could be preparing to launch a "multi-touch trackpad gadget for desktop Macs"; not for nothing, no, but I think Magic Slate would have everything to do with it, if launched as an accessory with iSlate a mini-tablet, who knows? Hey, but the iPhone / iPod touch could already act as one, just by launching a app specific for this. Curious.

According to MacRumors, both name registrations were made in November 2006 by a Delaware-based company called Slate Computing, LLC. She is responsible for the Regina Porter process, which appears on LinkedIn as a “senior trademark specialist” at Apple. Coincidence? I don't think so.