Samsung starts production of new 64Gbits, 20nm NAND flash chip with 3 bits per cell

In addition to Intel, NAND memory makers are also happy with the latest financial results

Although Intel was a partner of Apple that showed a significant improvement in its financial results, it was not the only one to benefit from the climate of enthusiasm that the electronics market has experienced in recent months. THE Wall Street Journal claims that the manufacturer of iPods and iPhones has also had a very positive influence on NAND memory manufacturers, which are going through an excellent phase in producing components for tablets, smartphones and media players in general.

All the major manufacturers in the sector have announced plans to expand their production to meet strong demand from companies such as Apple, HTC and several others, which are selling their products very well this year. The only political issue raised by that moment is in prices, as they have risen slightly each day and influence the sales value set by electronics companies.

With due control of demand through increased production, prices are likely to improve in the coming months, especially thanks to large agreements being signed. One of them that is worth mentioning is going on between Toshiba and SanDisk: the two companies will invest together US $ 5.65 billion in the next three years to produce NAND memories, aiming to improve technologies and build new factories.