In addition to apparent GPU issues, more bugs are appearing in the new MacBooks Pro [atualizado 2x]

If you are looking forward to buying the new MacBook Pro Launched last month, I suggest you wait a little longer until everything is right. I refer to the various problems already reported by those who preferred to run ahead and purchase the new Apple computer within the first few weeks.

One of the readers of MacRumors, Jan Becker, whose GPU issue we have already told you, reported that Apple experts have contacted him to recreate the error and submit the bug report. He also said that they still want to collect his MBP with all the files to evaluate the problem.

Unfortunately, Becker was not the only “award winner”; other users also shared reports and videos showing problems similar to his. Jayselle also published on the forum MacRumors below, demonstrating the failure of the new 15-inch MBP with the AMD Radeon Pro 455 GPU while connected to two external displays:

Similar issues are also affecting 13-inch models with the Intel Iris 540 and Intel Iris 550 (without the Touch Bar).

Although many claim that the problems came after trying to do some computer-intensive tasks or run some heavier software such as Adobe Media Encoder, Photoshop, etc., some say that screen blinks and color distortions started without there was heavy processing on the computer. Still others show images of problems on the start screen, just as they do on the video above.

Even so, as can be seen in the following video, some color issues seem to return to normal as the user goes to the system color selection option. However, the problem seems to come back after a while.

One user said he recorded the problem on video (below) while activating AppleCare over the phone. Therefore, as many users have stated, Apple is surely already aware of all these problems; however, no official announcement has yet been made.

Battery Concerns

Some users are also experiencing battery problems with their new MacBooks Pro. Unlike the 10 hours of autonomy Apple has promised, many are only using their computers for 3-6 hours.

I am currently feeding an 1080p external monitor and browsing casually with Chrome. At full charge, I'm getting an estimated 3 hours of battery life. Playing lasts even less.

SRTMfrum user MacRumors.

I bought a 13 inch (MacBook Pro) with Touch Bar and use it a week ago. With light usage, I can get about 5 to 6 hours when I'm surfing the internet. Apple claims that it is possible to get 10 hours connected wireless internet, but my battery has never come to that.

Aioriyafrum user MacRumors.

Several users have already appeared on the website complaining about the battery, including Scott, who showed images of 5% drop in battery in just 12 minutes:

MacBook Pro 2016 Battery

Despite these reports, many other people say that the battery of their MBPs follows Apple's performance. This has also been attested by sites like TechCrunch, The Wall Street Journal and Engadget, which recorded autonomy of 9-10 hours in normal use.

From these other reports, it is not known if there is really a problem with the battery of new computers or if only a misuse by users (Chrome, you are to blame). If this is the case, Apple itself offers tips on its website on how to make the most of the battery life of your devices.

File transfer by turning off MBPs

It's hard enough to convince anyone it's worth buying the new MBP * today *. However, there are still more problems appearing.

A post on the site TidBITS reported problems trying to transfer a large amount of files between two external HDDs connected through the Thunderbolt 3 ports of the new MacBook Pro. While trying, the computer turned off several times, with messages appearing: CPU Machine Check Architecture Error Dump and CATERR detected! No MCA data found.

On the website the user says that even after changing the machine in the Apple store, the problem persists. Some Genius Bar attendants have said that the problem may be linked to a large "battery drain" on the USB ports. As he says, this “theory” may have arisen from the report that when you plug in your Nexus 5X, the message appears on your computer. USB Accessories Disabled, asking the accessory to be removed as it was consuming too much power.

A similar problem happens when they try to send a Time Machine backup to an external HDD, as discussed in a forum thread. MacRumors.

If you already have one of the new MBP models and have experienced any of these issues, follow these tips: use Time Machine only with an external HDD connected or try to transfer files over Wi-Fi; Another tip is to disconnect all devices from the USB ports when not in use.

This problem has also not been recognized by Apple as affecting all machines. But in all cases of problems, it is advisable to always speak directly with Apple and / or go to an authorized service shop for repairs or exchanges.

(via MacRumors: 1, 2; The Loop)

Update · 12/07/2016 at 18:40

O 9to5Mac conducted some tests to find out about such a battery problem and found that possibly the new MacBook Pro would be with battery estimation error. What happened was that, running Photoshop and at 100% load, the estimate was 3 hours 49 minutes; With 95% load but no application running, the estimate was 3 hours and 22 minutes. Despite this, it was possible to stay using the computer for a little over 6 hours (!). Therefore, in this case, the problem clearly in the estimate display.

However, of course, the possibility that there is an additional error in software or even hardware has not been ruled out, as clearly user complaints show * actual * use of 3 hours.

It also emerged from the forum of MacRumors an answer from the lord Craig Federighi Apple's senior vice president of software engineering to an email from one of the users suffering from graphic problems. In the email, he said that in the last update of macOS Sierra 10.12.2 this would be fixed but, as pointed out by the second video we published above (and the various tests this same user has done), nothing has really been fixed unless it is referring to a new build of the operating system.

That is, more problems and less repairs.

Update II · 12/08/2016 at 10:36

Apparently Federighi's email above was right about at least one of the problems: some users who received the error message when trying to back up the Time Machine reported that with the latest beta build of macOS Sierra 10.12.2 they are no longer having the same problem.

At least that, no? 😬

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