In a quick interview, Tim Cook tries to explain the design of the Smart Battery Case for iPhones 6 / 6s [atualizado]

In a quick interview, Tim Cook tries to explain the design of the Smart Battery Case for iPhones 6 / 6s [atualizado]

Taking everyone by surprise, Apple released its first case with built-in battery for iPhones 6 / 6s yesterday, the Smart Battery Case. Most of the hundreds of comments posted about her here on the website and on social media were obviously focused on her design.

iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case - Charcoal Gray

Lance Ulanoff, from Mashable, quickly found today with Tim Cook and had the opportunity to question the Apple CEO on the matter. At first, the executive said he was aware of the comments that rolled from yesterday to today about the "belly" (or the "hump", or even the "tumor") of the case.

He said:

You know, I wouldn't call that "a hunchback". () As you know as a user of the case (Ulanoff had an iPhone 6 equipped with it), one of the balconies here, have you tried using other cases and placing them? () If you make it solid everywhere, you make the process of putting on and taking off (the device) difficult. () So people had this great idea of ​​allowing it to bend (at the end), making the case smart.

Cook's explanation has a little to do with the initial analysis that the The Verge did and we commented yesterday, that the thing is really very practical although it is ugly. In another article published today, the same The Verge raised other possibilities related to patents; according to them, if Apple did not follow this design it could infringe a series of records from the manufacturer Mophie. a hypothesis.

Cook also commented quickly that the Smart Battery Case is not very useful for those who already have the habit of recharging the iPhone every day, but that it becomes a hand in the wheel when you go for example to do a trail or maybe spend the night traveling .

The Smart Battery Case costs US $ 100 in the United States, is available in two colors (gray and white) and for now there is no forecast of arrival in Brazil.

Update · 12/10/2015 s 10:22

It didn't work, Tim: there are already competitors taking advantage of the opportunity to make fun of Apple, as they did ASUS and LG on twitter.

S laughing 😂

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