In a parallel universe, Kinect would be from Apple – “multi-don’t-need-to-touch”

Let's start Saturday with a story told by Leander Kahney, from Cult of Mac. Once upon a time there was an Israeli military research project that allowed a user to control any type of interface in the best style. Minority Report, but without the need for mittens or shiny thimbles. The military engineers who developed this technology, at a company called PrimeSense, called Inon Beracha to try to sell this technology in the North American Silicon Valley, around 2008.

Beracha visited many, many companies, but, knowing Apple's advances, she immediately imagined that Ma would be the ideal place for this technology after all, she was basically a multi-touch for your entire body, only you don't need to touch anything . "(Apple) was the most obvious place for this technology," he said.

Only that, fanatics of control and absolute secrecy, the people of Infinite Loop wanted to get Beracha to sign a lot of terms of commitment and NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agrrements, secrecy agreements), which did not go very well. After all, PrimeSense was the one who had technology with a "Oh, sh **!" far beyond imagination. She was hot, and everyone knew it. "Apple is a headache," said Beracha.

It’s filled with stars!

Microsoft enters, and the rest is history.

P.S .: as we are talking about the Redmond giant, something would have to go wrong. Remember the case of “racist” notebooks, which could not recognize faces of black people? Yeah, Kinect suffers from the same evil. Everything is just a technical limitation of cameras to capture light (the more ambient lighting, the less chance of error), but it is still boring.

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