In a delusional process, a man demanded “priceless $ 2 trillion” from Apple for “helping to create iOS 12”

In a delusional process, a man demanded “priceless $ 2 trillion” from Apple for “helping to create iOS 12”

Ready for more legal action non-sense of the year? Well here it is, as highlighted by AppleInsider.

Raevon Terrell Parker went to the Eastern Missouri District Court to request “Invaluable $ 2 trillion”To Apple. This is because, according to him, the company has appropriated its iPhone – a “special” device with previously unheard of features.

Explaining the story in more detail, Parker took his iPhone 7 to Apple Saint Louis Galleria in October 2018. The device was repaired, but according to the case file, it was not returned to its owner – instead, the Apple would have handed Parker another device because he knew “that [o aparelho reparado] he was the first to have new features ”.

According to the lawsuit, Parker’s original iPhone had some elements not seen on any other Apple device at the time, such as the ability to “avoid certain boot options” and “communicate with other devices more quickly and accurately ”. The complainant also claims to have discovered the FaceTime feature in a group, which would be presented later.

According to Parker, the elements on his iPhone helped Apple create iOS 12 and later versions of the system; the “replacement” device he was given had none of these elements – the claimant claims that he had to reset passwords and preferences, in addition to reinstalling applications from the device he had previously.

Parker had previously filed a lawsuit against Apple, which was overturned by the courts; at the time, he stated that he “contributed to the creation of iOS 12” and wanted an, say, unusual value from Apple: he asked for $ 1 trillion for the appropriation of his iPhone 7, plus $ 1 trillion for the creation of iOS 12 and a “priceless” value for his “mentality” – totaling, therefore, “$ 2 priceless trillions”.

The most recent lawsuit, which is still running in court, has no specified values ​​- so let’s wait and see how many “priceless trillions” Parker will ask for this time.