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In a beautiful move, Apple hires former Google artificial intelligence chief

The more Apple bets its chips on improving the Crab, more news pops up and obviously makes our eyes shine.

To show that the company is in fact taking the improvement of its virtual assistant seriously, after the hiring of hundreds of engineers, Apple has now got a strong name to try to take Siri to another level.

As the New York Times, Ma has just hired John Giannandrea, former head of research and artificial intelligence at Google!

John Giannandrea

Giannandrea was part of the company Metaweb, which was purchased by Google in 2010. Then, as search-related operations grew at the Mountain View giant, it grew with it. During his stay in Mountain View, Giannandrea led the implementation of AI in a number of products and services, such as Gmail, Google Assistant and Google searches.

At Apple, the executive respond directly to Tim Cook, acting as head of machine learning and AI strategy. In an email sent by the CEO to employees, Cook stated that “our technology must be infused with the values ​​that we all cherish. John shares our commitment to privacy and our thoughtful approach as we make computers even more intelligent and personal. ”

This hiring seems to have been a great move in his attempt to catch up with the technology of his rivals' virtual assistants, not only because the executive has great potential but also because, having done so, the company ended up missing the Google team, which is one of its biggest competitors in this area.

Furthermore, rumors point out that Giannandrea would also be working with autonomous cars on Google, so he could also help Ma even when it comes to her self-driving system and so many other things.

We know it was actually for Apple to have made that investment a few years ago; however, I belong to the group that prefers to think “better late than never”. 😛