In 2017, Apple surpassed ASUS in the notebook market, reaching 9.6% share

New research from TrendForce, which comprises the global notebook sales in 2017, showed that although the Apple displeasing in some ways (for example, MacBooks Pro with few ports), the company continues to grow in this ranking.

Comparing 2017's sales with the previous year's, the survey found that Apple was able to reach a market share of 9.6%, up from 8.3% in 2016. This allowed it to outpace ASUS and is now the world's fourth largest notebook supplier.

According to the firm, MacBooks Pro released in June 2017 helped Ma increase sales by 18% year-round, supposedly the fastest growth rate among all notebook brands. Recalling that these numbers are only estimates made by the firm, since Apple does not disclose exactly their sales according to models of Macs.

Trendforce notebook market

The leaders in sales remain, respectively, the HP (24.3% of the market), the Lenovo (20.2%) and the Dell (15.2%). And while these brands ship with a wide range of notebooks, Apple leads the way with the market. high end and has a considerably higher profit margin than the others.

In total sales in 2017, bringing all manufacturers together, TrendForce reached 164.7 million units sold, an increase of 2.1% year over year. For 2018, the firm bets that the top six positions together will account for 89.1% of the total, and Apple will continue in fourth place, reaching a market share of 10.4%, while total industry sales could be 163 , 8 million.

via MacRumors