In 2017 alone, Google will pay an alleged $ 3 billion to Apple to remain the default iOS search engine

In 2017 alone, Google will pay an alleged $ 3 billion to Apple to remain the default iOS search engine

We often have a convenient tendency to forget this information, but the dynamics of the technological-business world are so intrinsically linked to the power of money that even the smallest details of every aspect of our digital life are governed by figures. Even extremely trivial things involve millions or even billions of dollars as the standard search engine for your iGadget.

In this regard, everyone knows that the Google the standard search engine of iOS since samba samba, but what few people could imagine the note that he gladly gives Apple every year so that this status quo stay. Investment firm Bernstein has a hunch about this number: according to economists, in a note sent to its clients, the Mountain View giant will pay no less than $ 3 billions Cupertino so that its search engine continues to be the one chosen by Tim Cook and his gang.

And, you see, this number only refers to 2017 and has been growing every year: according to Bernstein, based on legal documents from both companies, in 2014 the amount paid by Google was $ 1 billion; that is, the jackpot has the potential to rise more and more each year.

Using Google on an iPhone

What we have here, after all, is a relationship of complete codependency: the money paid by Google will represent, in 2017, almost 5% of all the profit obtained by the Apple services sector. Already on the side of the search giant, 50% of the profits obtained from searches on mobile devices come from iOS, that is, this is a position that they cannot risk losing.

Of course, from a practical point of view, Google has the lead here, since it has the most popular search engine in the world with a big advantage in other words, the company could simply choose to stop paying Apple's annual money and trust that Ma executives would continue to use his system as a standard just because of its popularity. But I suspect that Google would rather continue to spend that money than risk risking a “vengeance” on the part of Apple and jeopardizing much of its profits.

via 9to5Mac