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Improving Siri: Apple acquires British startup VocalIQ

According to Financial Times, Apple acquired the VocalIQ, an startup English whose artificial intelligence software helps people and computers to talk to each other in a more natural way (something along the lines of Siri). Also according to the newspaper, VocalIQ uses machine learning to build virtual assistants that try to recreate the type of speech that we see in science fiction movies (like Samantha, in ?Ela?, or JARVIS, in ?Homem de Iron").

VocalIQ logo

It is clear that the first relationship we have with this acquisition is that of improvements for Siri. Taking into account that Apple's virtual assistant is now not only on smartphones and tablets, but also on Apple Watch, Apple TV and cars (via CarPlay), more than correct the investment for her becomes increasingly natural and smart.

Although the values ??have not been disclosed, Apple confirmed the purchase with its traditional statement, stating that "it acquires smaller technology companies from time to time and that it generally does not discuss its purposes or plans". This is the third acquisition that Apple makes in the UK this year (Semetric and Camel Audio were the first two).

(via Techmeme)