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Improve your Chrome experience with these 11 tips

Google Chrome is one of the most widely used browsers in the world on both computers and smartphones, especially those running Android. The browser promotes deeper integration with the green robot system, as well as being one of the fastest options for those looking for agility on the web. With agility in mind, I decided to write this article that will make your experience with Chrome even better.

Take a shortcut

1. Copy, cut and paste web addresses

Share the address of webpages and site-specific content you like using Android's copy and paste tool. In Chrome, click on the website address (URL) and press the cursor for a few seconds. If you are using Android Marshmallow, see that in addition to copying and pasting there is the option to share between apps and search on specific terms in Google Now.

copy cut chrome tips
Copy, paste and cut in Chrome / AndroidPIT

2. Speed ​​up page loading with the Brotli command

Enabling the Brotli function improves page load speed because sites unzip faster. To do this, I need to open a new page in the browser and type in the address bar the following URL: chrome: // flags / # enable-brotli.

On the next page a page with various features will appear. At the top of the screen, highlighted in yellow, is the section that interests us. It's called "Brotli Coding" content. It is now necessary to select the menu where it says "Default" and click "Enable". Restart Chrome to apply the changes.

brotli chrome tips
Shoot Mode accelerates Chrome / AndroidPIT

3. Disabling open tabs between apps in multitasking

Starting with Android 5.0 Lollipop, recent Chrome tabs open on top of one another mixed with apps, which is confusing at best. Fortunately you can undo this action. To do this, open Chrome in Lollipop, click the three dots at the top right of your browser, and then: Settings> Merge Tabs and Apps> and disable the feature. This will make your Chrome browser faster and more organized.

4. Quickly switch between tabs

If you followed the instructions above, you will have an even more advantage. You can now move the tabs quickly by simply dragging the address bar to the right or left. However, you need to know that Android can be partially controlled by gestures. So in the article below we have gathered 12 gestures that will elevate your experience of using the system, including Chrome:

5. Add a shortcut to a website on your home screen

If you go to a site often enough, adding it to your homepage can save time and a few taps. To do this, just tap the three-point menu and tap Add Home. Then choose the label under the icon on your home screen. Ready!

apit icon shortcut tips chrome
Chrome shortcuts on system screen / AndroidPIT

6. Tabs and bookmarks sync with other devices

This feature is certainly not new, but not used so often. To make it really useful, you need to set some options. Go to Chrome settings, use your Google account, and enable sync.

Before you sync, open Chrome on your computer, sign in with the same account, then "Sync" in your account settings and confirm that "Open tabs" is on.

sync apit chrome items
Sync Chrome with computer / AndroidPIT

7. How to navigate in anonymous mode

Incognito mode prevents Google Chrome from saving your browsing history. To access it, just tap the three point menu (upper right corner of the window) and tap "Browse without leaving a trace". The search bar and anonymous tab icon are grayscale, and do not change according to the website you visit.

modeanimo chrome tips
Chrome incognito mode / AndroidPIT

8. Save data with Chrome

In Google Chrome you can reduce the use of your plan's mobile data by compressing it. Just open the Chrome browser and access: Menu> Settings> Data Saver. With this option enabled, you will surely save some data from your internet plan.

economydata tips chrome apit browser
Save internet with native Chrome features / AndroidPIT

9. Reading Mode

Not all sites have been optimized to open on a smartphone. To improve user experience with these sites, Google has enabled Reading Mode in Chrome. This mode increases the font of the letters. To enable this function open the browser and enter the following URL: chrome: // flags / # reader-mode-heuristics.

You will soon find the "Player Mode Trigger", then click the Default button and choose the "Always" option. With each new page you open a note will appear on the bottom of your display indicating that the page can be optimized for your smartphone.

modoleitor apit tips chrome
Chrome Player Mode / AndroidPIT

10. Get Facebook notifications via Chrome

If you use Facebook through your browser, and don't want to be notified of contacts from your social network, know that you can receive them through Chrome. When the browser first accesses Facebook requests permission to send notifications to the user.

However, if you want to enable or disable this option from now on, go to: Profile Settings> Notifications> Touch Gear Icon> Click "On Mobile" and manage.

push notif apit chrome tips
Facebook notifications on Chrome / AndroidPIT

11. Compress media files with Opera Max

Opera Max saves data and gives you complete control over data consumption. The application works with 3G / 4G / LTE and Wi-Fi networks, and is really effective as it compresses videos, photos and media in general, from applications and websites, and without much loss in quality.

If that wasn't enough, Opera Max also saves battery power by blocking background applications. Last but not least, when managing Wi-Fi networks, Max also controls what apps do in the background when connected to Wi-Fi. To get these features, download the app from Google. Play Store:

Samsung Max
Install on Google Play

For more information on how Opera Max works, visit the article below:

How to download Chrome for Android

To enjoy these features on your Android, download Chrome from the Play Store if you haven't already installed it on your device. Click the button below:

Google Chrome: Fast and Secure
Install on Google Play

Know more tips for Chrome that you use on your Android?

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