impressive sound at a tempting price

1MORE iBFree Bluetooth Earphones Review: impressive sound at a tempting price

Ten years ago, audio relayed wirelessly and sent directly to your eardrums would have aroused everyone’s ears. But with innovation and economy, Bluetooth headsets have become easily accessible. Today, let’s take a look at another affordable Bluetooth headset, 1MORE iBFree, offering excellent sound quality on par with more expensive offers.

The 1MORE iBFree is priced at ₹ 2,999, which puts it at the center of all the action that happens in the category. It has all the essential features to consider for a fabulous pair of Bluetooth headphones, including impressive and well-balanced sound, superb battery, great ergonomics and comfort and decent noise cancellation. So, let’s delve into the specifics of the headset’s richness and also explore areas where it doesn’t have it.

1MORE iBFree Bluetooth headphones Specifications

Before we start the review, here is a quick look at the specifications of the 1MORE iBFree Bluetooth Earphones:

Frequency Response 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Impedance 32Ω
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.2
Drums 60 mAh 10 hours (talk time) 8 hours (music) 2 hours (charging time)
Loading port micro USB
Price Rs 2,999

Box contents

The Bluetooth headset comes neatly stacked in a compact box with essential accessories. Here is everything that is stacked inside the tiny package:

  • 1 more iBFree Bluetooth headphones
  • Micro USB for charging
  • Extra silicone ear and ear hooks
  • User manual

Does not exist no power brick included in the package, but this is something that even companies like Skullcandy omit on Bluetooth headsets. That said, it is advisable to use a low-power charge brick, as high power can damage your battery.

Design and Build

The iBFree 1MORE Bluetooth headset has a very basic design with a single wire connected between the driver’s heads, an in-line remote control to turn the headset on and off, switch the volume and change lanes without looking at the phone . The remote control also has a Micro USB slot for charging and also accommodates the battery.

The driver’s heads are made of aluminum and have a very common, yet intriguing, design with concentric circles. I like the fact that both the headphones and the driver’s stem are bent at certain angles that improve usability and increase the comfort of the headset. There is a two-color theme along the cable and, in our case, the combination of red and black looks impressive.

Flexible silicone earhooks make it easy to hold the headset in position. 1MORE also includes two extra pairs of earhooks next to the headphones, so you can use whatever suits you. You also get a clip to adjust the length cable at your convenience.

Although I have no complaints regarding the durability of the headset, I would like 1MORE to use a flat cable because it looks less curly compared to the cylindrical cable, but this is a mere aesthetic preference. The weight of the remote control takes some getting used to, but eventually, you tend to not pay much attention to it. Despite the lightweight cable and the lack of a solid neck strap, the headset remains seated mainly around the neck.

The headset is water resistant and comes with an IPX6 rating, the which means it is sweat-proof, and you should not pass the lemon in moderate rain. But you are not going to swim while wearing this. The microUSB port is also adequately covered to save you from water damage.

One thing, however, is that I would like the heads of drivers to come with magnets while they rocked when not They were in use and it can be annoying at times – although only sometimes. The headset is designed to stand still during rigorous head movements and remains seated despite severe blows.

Another aspect I don’t like is the design of the buttons on the remote control. The buttons to increase and decrease the volume surround the play / pause button and, many times, I searched for the wrong button when trying to change anything . This is because there is no way to distinguish between the three buttons. The red button is only for turning the headset on and off.

Sound quality

The sound output of the 1MORE iBFree is nothing short of impressive. The output is appropriately high while most frequencies come out clearly. Overall, the sound is well balanced – although you will have to endure some bleeding edges if you have unusual problems, like hearing the death of black metal.

To start, the Bluetooth headset has a appreciable amount of low, but don’t expect to be surprised by it. The amount of bass also depends on how well the headphones are inside your ears. That’s why I found myself pushing the earplugs in the ear canals to feel lower. But I’m just greedy, since the amount of bass iBFree offers before is enough for an average user.

Then the medium are quite solid . You can clearly hear vocals as well as crunchy box sounds with ease. String and wind instruments and a variety of beats can be easily heard and can be distinguished from each other. Bliss lies to you in this area, if you like rock and metal and heavily distorted guitars.

Treble in this pair of headphones is loud and clear, but sometimes the exit is very shrill, piercing your ear. Whenever something like this happened during the review, I found myself turning the volume down to the point where I could relieve my ears of the harrowing sound. However, I must mention that, generally, in the case of tracks that have low production quality, they belong to the pre-70 era, or do not have instruments to balance the penetrating treble.

The headset is loud enough, especially if you are in a closed room, which brings me to the only thing I have with it. Although the amount of cancellation in noise be decent, it decreases when you’re outdoors, especially in noisy places, such as markets or metro stations. However, I understand this could also be in order to ensure the safety of those who choose to exercise outdoors.

Overall, I found the headset ideal for a wide variety of genres and it would deserve your appreciation, unless you dug a deep bass, or a shrill death between music. There is also a smooth feeling of surround sound for the overall sound quality.

Even calling with the 1MORE iBFree is a nice case, only if you can forgive the microphone for taking a lot of background noise sometimes. So, when you are in a crowded place, you may have to hold the microphone closer to your mouth while there is no such requirement at home.

Battery life

The 1MORE iBFree comes with a small 60mAh battery that has impressive performance for your size. The company claims it lasted 8 hours per charge and I found these claims to be true. I found myself putting on a headset through a day at work without moving through a charger.

Replenishing the battery takes almost two hours, and while you can also listen to music while charging the headset, this is not advisable. It is ideal for charging the headset every night or before starting the day so you get uninterrupted playback. Charging stops after the battery is 100% charged. Even if you can’t consistently reach it, charge it for just 10 to 15 minutes is enough for almost two hours listening to music.


Connectivity is another area that 1MORE iBFree aces. It runs on Bluetooth 4.1, which means it can connect to two devices at the same time, but if you plan to do this regularly, you may have to prepare for occasional hiccups. Otherwise, it has very solid connectivity and remains connected for more than 10m.

The headset works very well in terms of reconnection and automatically connects after you leave the range and return.

1MORE iBFree Bluetooth Headphones: Pros and Cons

The 1MORE iBFree Bluetooth Earphones are well built and offer incredible sound for the price. However, there are some tradeoffs that complement this wealth and I will list them now.


  • Balanced sound
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent battery
  • IPX4 rating for water resistance
  • AptX support


  • Without connection magnets
  • Unimpressive noise cancellation

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1MORE iBFree Bluetooth Headphones: Price-Effective in All Dimensions

With its balanced sound and high clarity, the 1MORE iBFree is among the cheapest pairs of Bluetooth headsets. You also get a reliable battery and IPX4 gives you the confidence to run without worrying about the sweat deteriorating. The silicone earhooks increase the stability of the headphones when they are placed inside the ear.

You also receive support for the aptX codec, which improves the quality of the output. These headphones easily meet the criteria to become the supplier of your daily musical and auditory appetite. That said, I must also bring your notice back to the lack of bass pressing and if that’s something you dig into, you may have to increase your budget a little bit higher. Another disturbing factor is the simple and pendant earbuds, but this is something that should not bother many users.

The 1MORE iBFree Bluetooth Earphones are available in India via Amazon and can be yours for â‚ą 2, 499. The headset comes in stunning red, green, blue and a more subtle relative black color and is crafted with a mixture of rubberized plastic and metal. At this price, the other options you can check out are: Barco Rockerz 250 (â‚ą 1, 800), Samsung Level U (â‚ą 2, 478), JBL E25BT (â‚ą 2, 889).

Buy 1MORE iBFree Bluetooth Earphones with aptX on Amazon ( â‚ą 2, 499 )