Important publications will be left out of Apple's “Netflix of Magazines”

Unless we are all experiencing a huge and delirious collective hallucination, Apple will present next Monday (along with its platform for streaming series / movies) the new mode of the News app, which functions as a kind of “Netflix of magazines” that is, a service of unlimited access to selected publications for a fixed monthly price. At all well.

The unclear question, of course, has to do with which publications the Apple idea will buy and entering the platform is a crucial factor in the success or failure of the venture. Well, according to New York Times, the mostly positive horizon for Ma, but could be better.

According to Mike Isaac's report, the Wall street journal, one of the most important newspapers in the United States, has already given the go-ahead to participate in the service. Two other important names Washington post and himself NYT However, they seem to have given back and will not be part of the move because of the already commented profit division demanded by Apple, considered abusive.

In addition to the money-related issues, the publications would also have wrinkled Apple's position not to share subscribers' personal information with them, such as email addresses and credit card numbers, that publishers often use to expand their marketing. your products and your subscriber base.

Going back to the positive side of things, another matter of the Business insider Here are some more publications that will be part of Ma's “Netflix of magazines”: Cosmopolitan, WIRED, The new yorker and Men’s Health. This information is hardly a surprise, however, since they were all part of Texture, the platform Apple acquired last year that offered a similar service.

The Matter of NYT reinforces the likely price of Ma's service: $ 10 a month. At this time, however, it's more fruitful to sit and wait until next Monday, isn't it?