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iMovie for iOS gets green screen support; Soulver and Shazam for Android are updated

And we're back with the recent popular app updates today, not only App store as well as outside her. Let's take a look at them?


IMovie app icon


in Apple

IPad compatibleIPhones Compatible

Version 2.2.8 (617.3 MB) Requires the iOS 13.0 or superior

IMovie app icon


in Apple

Mac compatible

Version 10.1.13 (2.2 GB) Requires the macOS 10.14.6 or superior

Ma's basic video editor has gained a really cool feature in its version for iPhones and iPads: chroma-key in green screens (or blue). With this, the app can recognize solid backgrounds in distinctive tones to replace them with digital backdrops, just as professional editors can adjust the effect even with a four-point mask and a slider of intensity.

Plus, we now have improved support for still images: you can add graphics with transparent backgrounds (such as logos) to your video, and use photos to create effects. Picture-in-Picture or split screen. Apple has also added 80 new soundtracks in genres such as "Pop", "Chill" and "Sentimental"; they all automatically adjust to the size of your clip.

The app also instantly goes back to the editing screen when you switch apps, and we have ClassKit support for the first time so teachers can get jobs done and delivered directly by iMovie for iOS.

Another change includes the iOS app as well as iMovie for macOS: this is the end of iMovie Theater, feature that allowed the sharing of projects between instances of the software. Video should now be shared in the iCloud Photo Library.

Soulver 3 app cone


Meanwhile, the utility for macOS that combines notepad with calculator has gained news. O Soulver 3 It supports macOS Mojave (and Catalina) Dark Mode, as well as a much lighter revamped interface than previous versions of the app.

Soulver 3 App for Mac

Among the 50 new features added by developers, we have support for date or time calculations so you can, for example, enter a daily spend for 30 days and the app automatically calculates how much you spend at the end of the month. We now also have support for subtotals, the rule of three and new currencies, units and calculation functions, which are automatically detected in your text.

Soulver 3 can be purchased from its official website by $ 20, with a free 30-day trial period. Unfortunately, it is not a free upgrade to Soulver 2 who has the previous app will necessarily have to shell out $ 20 to enjoy the news.

Shazam's cone for Android

Shazam for Android

Finally, the music identification service purchased by Apple a while ago has gotten good news in its Android version: now you can identify songs that are playing on your headphones no longer need to carry the microphone or smartphone accessories since he is able to hear everything "internally".

Shazam for Android is available for free on Google Play.