IMessage Business Chat Reaches Ten More Countries, and Several New Companies

If you have never heard of Business chatI won't be surprised. It is a feature introduced by Apple on iOS 11 that, along the lines of similar solutions introduced by Facebook and Google, allows the establishment of channels of communication between businesses and customers directly through iMessage basically as a slightly more modern / intelligent customer service.

The problem that, since its launch, Business Chat was restricted to a handful of companies in the United States so far we are finally seeing the first sign of platform expansion. Apple has announced that it is reaching 11 new territories: Germany, Australia, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, UK, Singapore and Your.

Messaging Business Chat on iOS 11.3

With the expansion, a number of new companies in these countries are opening the platform, including the Vodafone (in Germany), the Telstra (in Australia), the KDDI (in Japan), the NH Hotels (in Europe) and the brand Burberry, which will serve your customers through Business Chat in all countries where it is available. In the US, some more companies are joining platform, such as the Mall of america, a Overstock and the SnapTravel.

It is not yet a massive adoption for a feature that Apple would certainly like to treat as the ultimate solution to the fragile terrain of business / customer communication, but it is already an important step. For users who are in any of the countries served and want to enjoy the benefits of Business Chat, just look for one of the companies that are on the service through Safari, Siri or Apple Maps; The chat button by iMessage will appear for the instant start of the conversation.

Will we see the feature coming here someday?

via TechCrunch