IMessage audio messaging will greatly improve on iOS 12.2

One of the points where the iMessage loses ugly to competitors like WhatsApp or Telegram the quality of the audio messages. You can test and prove that on Apple's platform, voice clips always sound muffled and undefined, unlike the crystal clear audio generated by other messengers. I am happy to report, however, that this problem is about to end.

Developer Frederik Riedel posted on his Twitter a very encouraging discovery: the latest beta from iOS 12.2 change the codec It is used for iMessage audio messages, making them equal to those of WhatsApp and Telegram in terms of sound quality.

Wow: On iOS 12.2 beta 5 the voicemails on iMessage finally seem to be fixed. They sound crystal clear now.

What has changed? I quickly analyzed the voice files (new codec!):

In the old days: codec 8000Hz AMR iOS 12.2 beta 5 sample: codec Opus at 24,000Hz

Riedel commented that the codec Opus, in fact, the best choice for voice at the moment and the format used precisely by WhatsApp, Telegram and WebRTC protocol. The developer also shared a comparison of voice clips on iMessage before and after the update the really brutal difference:

Here is the direct comparison. What a difference!

It is good to note that the new voice files, as evidenced in the first tweet, take up much more storage space than the old ones; Anyway, this shouldn't make so much difference, since by default iMessage erases voice messages two minutes after you hear them – this can be changed, however.

To enjoy the change, both sender and recipient users must be running iOS 12.2 or macOS Mojave 10.14.4 (which, as we know, has not yet had its final versions available); In other cases, the audio file will be sent in the old configuration. That is, the transition will be slow but at least it will happen.

Was it time, right, Apple?

via MacRumors