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The Internet Movie Database site is already unanimous, after all the best way to dispel everyone's curiosity when doubts arise about a certain movie or TV series. Not long ago, an Android application was launched bringing all the cinematic data contained on the IMDb site. Your Name: IMDb Cinema & TV. This is where our review today will be. So accompany it, if it interests you.

Functions & Usage

When you start IMDb Cinema & TV for the first time, the feeling that it is empty or, better said, the app, not yet configured to the user's favorites, appears to be a blank page with unused portions of the screen. This is because the dedicated top part is user configured news. In fact, in order to enjoy the app in all its aspects and aesthetic functionality, you will first have to set up IMDb, choosing whether to follow a particular actor / actress and / or movie. It is also possible to configure in detail the modes of LED notification, sound, vibration or even a custom tone. Not bad.

But finally what does the IMDb offer to cinephiles? In fact, we consider that this is the answer to any and all cinematic questions, bringing more general information, but also curiosities about movies and actors. On IMDb, you can find data on movies, such as casting or the box office hit it has achieved. In short, a digital encyclopedia dedicated to cinematographic science. A very interesting aspect of the app being able to automatically save the trailer of a certain movie. Best of all, you can choose until the resolution of the video to be saved. Praise!

We can not say that the app brings something revolutionary or exceptional to the world of mobile devices, but very interesting. The best available in several languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Japanese and Italian. The list of the most successful public movies in the USA, the top 250 rated in IMDb, in general or divided by genres. One thing to note: not only do you know about the best movies, but you can also search for the closest movie theater (s) to your current location, with your schedule, of course.

Conclusion:IMDb Cinema & TV brings with it the know-how of the celebrated web page of the same name and allows movie buffs to access a super cinematic database directly from their mobile phone. There are those who think it is a pity that the section dedicated to TV series is all adapted to the US market. And there is no information about Brazilian soap operas. However, we cannot say that this is a great application.

Screen & Controls

IMDb Cinema & TV was all developed well adapted to the Android operating system, specifically ICS. This gives the user an organization printout. In general, the operation of the app of the best, as well as access and viewing of trailers. We think, however, that developers could improve controls to select a single movie, as such control proved a little cumbersome.

Speed ​​& Stability

IMDb Cinema & TV did not crash at any time during the testing period. And something we have to highlight: the video playback is completely fluid.

Price / Performance Ratio

IMDb Cinema & TV can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store, with one detail: the advertising-funded app, which appears at the bottom of the banner screen. This may, however, irritate some users.

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