New Smart Battery Cases appear in Apple's internal document

Images show what the new Smart Battery Case for iPhones will look like

Just yesterday, we talked about the clues found by the developer Guilherme Rambo that pointed to the launch of possible new Smart Battery Cases those cases with official Apple external batteries, originally released for iPhones 6 / 6s in 2015 for iPhones X / XS. Now, the same Rambo has already brought much more detailed details about the coming product, with images and everything.

Comparison between the old Smart Battery Case and the new, for the iPhone XS

As we can see in the image above, the new Smart Battery Case has a slightly more balanced design instead of a weird and pronounced rectangle on the back of the accessory, we have a softer curvature to accommodate the external battery, which this time extends to the lower end of the cap (which may indicate an increase in cell capacity, too).

Rambo's findings point to three identifying codes for the new A2070, A2071 and A2171 products, which could mean that the three iPhones of 2018 (XS, XS Max and XR) each will receive their respective version of the accessory. In the case of the XS Max and XR, specifically, it will be interesting to see the movement of Apple: the company has always reserved its case with external battery for the smaller models of iPhones, due to its limited longevity.

According to the 9to5Mac, another identifier found in the iOS codes indicates that Apple plans to launch the new Smart Battery Case in 2018, which would be rare, considering the end of the year, but not impossible.