Images detail Apple's future magazine subscription service

Much has been said about a possible magazine and newspaper subscription serviceplatform trailer News, which Apple would be about to launch in the not too distant future. Now, taking a closer look at the codes and files contained in the newly released iOS 12.2 beta, the 9to5Mac it has come to a very clear evidence of the imminent release of this so-called "Netflix of periodicals".

The publication obtained images of what would be the service reception screens, which, according to the images, will be called Apple News Magazines. The screens in question indicate that the platform will be connected to the user account on the iTunes Store, as well as Apple Music, which reinforces the theory that Apple would release the service as part of a larger subscription, encompassing music, series / movies and periodicals.

One of the images also shows, in the background, a service interface element: it is a list of “themes” from the publications included in the package, which users can follow or unfollow for a more personalized curation of featured content.

According to 9to5Mac, the images obtained are not indicative of when the service can be launched, but considering that there are already internal tests of the platform taking place in Cupertino, this announcement should be done in the short term. The site foresees that Apple will mark an upcoming media-focused event next March, where “Netflix of Periodicals” would be announced in conjunction with the streaming series and movies, and possibly news for Apple Music.

To be? 😉