iMacs with Intel Core i7 chips reach consumers; check out the first benchmarks

Earlier this week, Apple began shipping the first units of iMacs with Intel Core i5 chips, followed by those with Core i7. Consumers already started to receive the machines and, of course, soon there were people to kill our curiosity about the performance of the new ones. all-in-one of Ma.

About iMac Core i7

Running in 64-bit mode, Geekbench recorded surprising results from the new machines. From the best Core 2 Duo to Core i5, the gain reaches 39%, while from Core i5 to Core i7 there is another 35% improvement. From Core 2 Duo to Core i7, the advance reaches 88%! The top-of-the-line iMac is $ 200 more expensive than the previous one and now offers performance even on a Mac Pro quad-core 2.93GHz.

Benchmarks of the new iMacs

This difference is greater than we are used to, since for the first time Apple incorporated desktop processors into iMacs, which were previously limited by notebook chips due to their compact design and heat dissipation problems.

(via MacRumors)