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iMac with touchscreen on the way?

Apple has filed a patent application for what could become the first touchscreen iMac, say several international media today.

The news was released yesterday by the website Patently Apple, which is dedicated to following the movements and trends of the company based on the patent registrations made by it.

According to this source, the registration process was discreetly started in Europe in January, when most of the attention was focused on the expectations surrounding the launch of the tablet brand, the iPad.

Those responsible for the site now claim to be in a position to affirm the existence of a registration request by Apple for what they designate as an iMac Touch, and publish images showing some of the device’s characteristics, such as the screen flicker, that allows its use both vertically and horizontally.

Patently Apple image

Another of the curious data presented is the possibility of the computer switching between the two operating systems of the brand, Mac OS X (which comes with the brand’s computers) and iOS, used in mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad – the that will allow to bring to the generous screens of the iMac games and ebooks designed for the brand’s mobile platforms, highlight.

The patent application, called “Transitioning with modes of input”, will have been filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization, in Geneva, Switzerland, on 14 January.

According to the information presented, the computer, in its “standard” configuration, will run Mac OS X, with the help of peripherals such as the brand’s keyboards and mice, but when the user wants to take full advantage of the touch interface, it will automatically switch over. to use the platform created for Apple’s mobile devices, iOS.

The transition can only be made by changing the tilt of the screen, since it will have an accelerometer and sensors that allow it to detect the position it is in and adapt the software used accordingly.

The news that is giving rise to talk in the specialized press for making Apple’s creation of such a device guess, arrives in the same week that another company patent application was made known: a system intended to block gadgets of the brand where you try to install applications not authorized by the company.