iMac Pro will not have removable RAM and peripherals will not be sold separately

Today at Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017We can hardly breathe from so much news. It's OK if, for you, they weren't all that exciting or so new, but they were quite numerous, and that no one can deny.

Regarding Macs and, as promised, we have seen updates to the iMacs and for some lines of MacBooks. We have already posted major Mac enhancements and news that were released by Apple during and after the event, but some questions (or answers) still hung in the air.

The powerful and gaudy iMac Pro has “arrived, arrived” (I mean, it will be there by the end of the year) with its color space gray It's very attractive to those users who prefer the “dark side” to the conventional silver in the company's all-in-one.

Along with it, the peripherals will also gain with that darker tone something even well demanded by Apple users. However, with regret that I tell you that the Magic Trackpad, the Magic Keyboard and the Magic Mouse in their space gray versions will not be sold separately, as the company itself confirmed to 9to5Mac.

iMacs Pro facing the dark

But if you are not shaken by this news, you feel that there comes the bomb: even if they call it the iMac “Pro”, unable to change / remove your RAM. Yes, friends, this is very disappointing news, but it was to be expected, as this option is being adopted in all recent Apple releases.

The iMac Pro will arrive in December with options starting at $ 4,999 with 32GB, and can go up to a maximum of 128GB of ECC memory (probably costing a couple of kidneys). If you didn't like the news that the memory isn't removable, just wait a little while as Apple says on its website that something else is about to be announced:

In addition to the new iMac Pro, Apple is working on a Mac proNewly redesigned state-of-the-art, designed for professional customers who need the high performance system in a modular design as well as a new high resolution professional monitor.

This, yes, we hope will be highly customizable / upgradeable again. Da, even “justified” this differentiation by looking at the iMac Pro.

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While the pros are probably rejoicing after this afternoon's announcement, we mortal relatives wondered (in fact, I wonder): where are the updates for my beloved Mac mini? #chat