IMac Pro RAM may be upgraded, but only by Apple or Authorized Service Centers

If there is any major criticism of iMac Pro, which, unlike many professional machines (other than one), is a fully sealed computer with no possibility of user upgrades.

No wonder, since announcing the iMac Pro, Apple has been reminding and reiterating that it is working in parallel on a new Mac Pro that is supposed to meet that need with praise.

Well, then, for those who are investing in an iMac Pro, it is ideal to take as much configuration as they can because, in theory, the machine will remain at factory specifications until the day of its death no matter how distant it is. However, today there has been a twinge of hope at least regarding RAM.

According to information obtained by Rene ritchie (of iMore) With Apple itself, owners of iMacs Pro may, yes, upgrade their RAM in the future. The "small detail" that this can only be done at Apple Stores or at most Authorized Service Centers.

In practice, this means that consumers will have to pay the "Apple fee" for upgrading RAM just the same. And not cheap: the iMac Pro starts at $ 5,000 in the United States, with 32GB of 2,666MHz ECC RAM; that's $ 800 more to go to 64GB, or $ 2,400 more to top 128GB.

In Brazil, as we already know, the iMac Pro start at $ 38,000. The upgrade to 64GB will be for $ 5,600, and jumping to 128GB cost the Brazilian pocket no less than $ 16,800.

So, cheer up for these upgrade prices to fall (preferably plummet) in the coming years, when it comes time for some lucky iMac Pro buyer to find it convenient to upgrade. And who knows, in the future, until rolling out third-party upgrade alternatives, more affordable The possibility of upgrading, at least, we now know it exists.

via MacRumors