Homologation of iMac Pro by Anatel

iMac Pro is approved by Anatel

Launched in the United States just over two months ago, the iMac Pro is finally arriving in Brazil. This week, in the systems of the National Telecommunications Agency, the approval of the model A1862 was released.

Here is the Certificate of Technical Compliance issued by Anatel:

Homologation of iMac Pro by Anatel

And some photos of the unit sent for approval:

Approval of the iMac Pro by Anatel

The full product manual in Portuguese is also there.

Although the iMac Pro is not yet on sale in Brazil, we already know its prices since mid-December: here, Apple’s all-in-one professional Mac will start at R $ 38,000, reaching R $ 96,398 (!) If configured to the stalk.

For those interested, iFixit has already disassembled and detailed all its insides.