IMac 5K models face screen shortages; Apple offers compensation

IMac 5K models face screen shortages; Apple offers compensation

If Apple seems to be not giving too much attention to Macs Lately (especially in the field of desktops), it's a relief to see that the company at least still has a bit of handling in the area of ​​technical assistance and customer service.

As reported by MacRumors, Ma and its partners are having trouble producing replacement screens for iMac 5K, 27 inches, released on end of 2014 is at mid 2015 (the latest model from mid-2017 doesn't get in the cake). The company expects to continue these delays through December, but has already notified its stores and authorized service providers of possible compensation to users.

Owners of these machines who have problems with their screens and have them repaired at an Apple Authorized Service Center will have two options: they can wait by mid or late December to have the repair done free or, alternatively, receive a discount of $ 600 (or local currency equivalent) when purchasing an equivalent model iMac 2017. In this case, the defective computer must be delivered Apple without return, and the new computer will be a CRU drive (Customer Replacement Unit) which can mean a refurbished machine, but identical to a new model.

Note that the above conditions refer to machines that are no longer covered by Apple's standard warranty or AppleCare + if the iMac is in either of these two periods, the standard repair procedure will be performed, and in the absence of a reset screen. Most likely Ma will replace the computer with a new equivalent at no charge. Apple also points out that iMacs with excessive or catastrophic damage (which includes significant crushing or submerged in liquids) are not eligible for this free repair.

Still according to MacRumors, the internal document has been distributed to all Apple stores and the company's Authorized Service Centers around the world, but of course, we will take this information carefully. Always check beforehand at your favorite store or service if the policy is valid. l. Be sure to share your experiences below, in the comments.