Macworld gringa compares new iPod touch with the old one and attests to the veracity of Apple's advertising

iLounge publishes performance comparisons between the new iPod touch and the iPhone 3GS

Today OiLounge published a series with three videos that compare the hardware performance of the new 32GB and 64GB iPod touch with the iPhone 3GS. Through them, it is possible to conclude a visible difference that favors the new iPod, even though it has the same components as the last released iPhone.

(vimeo) http://vimeo/6534126 (/ vimeo)

In the two most expensive models of the iPod touch, Apple has significantly improved the hardware, reflecting in the entire experience of the users' use and, mainly, in the gameplay of the most appealing titles of the iPhone App Store. Both have a high performance graphics chipset, designed to support the 2.0 version of the OpenGL ES graphics technology.

(vimeo) http://vimeo/6534193 (/ vimeo)

(vimeo) http://vimeo/6534235 (/ vimeo)

As a result, they are able to achieve better graphic results, delivering a smoother, clearer visual experience that supports advanced light and shadow effects. This is essential for Apple to be able to position the iPod touch as a gadget for digital entertainment, supporting more complex games from famous producers.

Over time, this will become a necessity: Gameloft, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and (starting in the fourth quarter) Rockstar Games are betting on the iPhone OS to build on the tradition of digital entertainment that they have already taken to different platforms. Because of this, I am particularly opposed to maintaining sales of lower-performance devices, such as the iPhone 3G and the 8GB iPod touch, which could give rise to an exclusive use experience that the new hardware employed by Apple in its gadgets offers for games.