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Illustrator for iPad due out next month, launching in 2020

THE Adobe You may be having problems with your task of taking the ‚Äúcomplete‚ÄĚ experience (more on these quotes below) from Photoshop for the iPad, but that doesn't stop the software giant from thinking further: according to Bloomberg, the next step to take the Illustrator for tablets from Ma.

According to information obtained by Mark Gurman and Nico Grant, Adobe will make the initial announcement of the application at its MAX conference, to be held next month; the launch of Illustrator for iPad would be held in sometime by 2020. The idea is to follow in the footsteps of (coming) Photoshop for iPadOS, taking the "core" of the experience users find on the desktop for Apple tablets.

It's worth noting that bringing Illustrator to the iPad poses a number of extra challenges for Adobe, as the illustration and design software has many extremely specific features and functionality based on the company's own technologies. Considering Fresco's recent release, however, it seems that the giant is on the right track and with a clear focus on the iPad as the future epicenter of its user experience.

Adobe, of course, has not commented on the plans so we will have to wait until next month to learn more about Illustrator for iPad.

More about Photoshop

Meanwhile, John Gruber of Daring fireball, published some more information about the difficulties Adobe has been facing in the process of finalizing Photoshop for iPad which, as we recently noted, will not reach Apple tablets with the ‚Äúfull experience‚ÄĚ of the desktop, as previously announced.

According to Gruber, the frustration with the news has to do with an Adobe error in setting expectations for its users. Apparently, the idea was never to bring the absolutely ‚Äúcomplete‚ÄĚ Photoshop experience to the iPad, but to bring the software in itself to tablets which does not necessarily mean all of its features, but an application built on the same core as Photoshop for Windows / macOS, with full PSD file compatibility and version parity with these programs.

Despite this, Adobe is fully dedicated to the app. As Gruber states:

From what I've heard, from a number of trusted sources, Adobe is genuinely giving its all in Photoshop for iPad. They see it as a serious project of the utmost importance to creative professionals. The team of engineers working on the app has grown significantly over the past year, and they have plans to iteratively add features to an aggressive schedule. It is understandable to be disappointed that the app is no longer advanced by pure feature counting, but anyone who cares about Photoshop for iPad as a long-term product should be very excited about its foundation, direction and attention. Adobe is giving the last detail of the application interface.

So can we ever get excited again or has the talk just come to please dissatisfied shareholders and users? We will see you soon.

via 9to5Mac | image: Worawee Meepian / Shutterstock