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#ILikeYouLike: How Catarina Beato wants to "normalize other lives" with the blog Dias de Uma Princesa

Celebrating 15 years of the blog Dias de Uma Princesa, Catarina Beato guarantees that the main change since then has been finding a purpose for what she does. Normalize other lives, reach out to other women and make them realize that their oddities are not so strange and that their pains are the same as other women's, the mission of the mother of three children. SAPO TeK spoke not only about the online exposure of children, social networks and new technologies, but also about his experience in distance learning and the relationship he has with brands. There was also time to highlight the rules of the house with regard to screens.

2005 is the year that marks the beginning of the adventure that Catarina Beato defines, on her blog, as a transparent and emotional diary. Love stories are what he most likes to write and, therefore, the three children of the content producer are one of the recurring themes. But, how does Catarina manage the children's online exposure?

Gonalo, 17, Afonso, eight, who defines himself as a technology buff, and Maria Luiza, three, are the faces that often appear on Catarina's platforms, both on the blog and on the Instagram, Facebook and channel pages from YouTube. The online exhibition is done in a responsible way, he ensures, making it clear that he does not share photographs of his children, for example, in situations of fragility or undress, of the paths to school and the places they attend.

My concern is not to expose anything that can be very intrusive, trying to look at the digital footprint, says Catarina Beato

The truth is, and referring to a very natural path, when children are younger, the inevitably greater exposure. However, as soon as they can be consumers of the content, who can read and have access, there is almost a request for permission. Catarina Beato stresses, nonetheless, that the exposure she does now can change at any time, if she no longer feels comfortable with it.

New technologies can be friendly, but there are rules to be followed at home

Confirming that, as with everything else, some balance is needed in the use of new technologies, Catarina believes that all the available mechanisms can be beneficial for the relationship between parents and children. Based on the example of his eldest son, the content producer guarantees that he has WhatsApp conversations that he does not have in person, because there was never a moment when we were both together at that last moment, he explains. Also at the marital level, an apology through this way, far from the watchful eye of the children, turns out to be the option in some cases.

I really believe that well-used technologies are our friends

Catarina makes it clear, however, that she is not adept at using technology for only one purpose. The mother of three children gives the example of a child who only uses equipment to explore a game.