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IFTTT: the app that automates your Android

If you have always wanted to teach your device how to perform actions, then IFTTT It's the app you were looking for. His name abbreviates the expression in English If this then that and he basically set up and recognize actions on your Android that will result in automated responses. You can make a series of actions based on certain rules or standards automatic. I used IFTTT to do the Upload automatic to Google Drive from my screenshots for this article, for example.

ifttt teaser

Generally speaking, IFTTT allows you to create action formulas. They can be based on your various channels – services like Facebook, Twitter, etc. – and other events like updates on your favorite sites or your current activity or location.

AndroidPIT IFTTT 1
A good idea, which still needs some tweaking. / AndroidPIT / IFTTT

In other words, you tell IFTTT that when something happens, the app should react in a certain way. The options are numerous: automatically tweet your Google+ posts, send a message from I'm busy, call later when you miss a call, get a notification when the weather forecast indicates rain, change your device's wallpaper based in your last Instagram photo, etc. etc.

AndroidPIT IFTTT 2
IFTTT creates tabs for your shared, created and activated recipes. / AndroidPIT / IFTTT

The best part about IFTTT is that you can also use other people's settings. When creating an account on the site, basic services such as location, SMS, notifications, links and photos, among others, are all included.

AndroidPIT IFTTT 4
There are already a large number of channels and social networks available. / AndroidPIT / IFTTT

You can then connect your Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Instagram, Evernote, etc. accounts, and you can now create your own formulas or use that of other users. You can also subscribe to a daily newsletter with recipe suggestions (ideal for those new to the app). At this point I found two problems: not all formulas have immediate effect. Some take 15 minutes to activate or update. Also, iOS formulas are inexplicably included in the Android app.

AndroidPIT IFTTT 3
Once you have created your recipes, you can enable notifications, edit them, share them, or disable them if you like. / AndroidPIT / IFTTT

Android already has other apps like Tasker that have similar functions. The novelty of IFTTT is that it brings a user community where everyone can create and share their formulas. The possibilities are virtually endless, and the best formulas can even become patterns of use in the future. The free app for now is available in English for devices running Android 4.0 or higher:

Install on Google Play

Have you tried IFTTT? Do you use other similar apps?

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