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iFixit takes apart new MacBooks Pro and finds out… not much

It's become a tradition: Apple launches a new product and, as soon as possible, iFixit He goes there and puts his thirsty hands on the news, breaking it into pieces and analyzing everything inside again. Of course it could not be different with the new MacBooks Pro.

The firm began work on the new 13-inch MacBook Pro, highlighting what it found differently on the new model and spoiler, there is not that much.

One of the main news has been commented left and right, including here in the : The silicone protection on each key on the new third-generation butterfly keyboard, which (supposedly) will remedy the reliability issues of previous models.

One of the positive changes in the battery, which now has six cells (up from five previously) and 58Wh capacity (against the previous 49.2Wh). Despite the increase, Apple claims the longevity of the new 13 ″ Pro similar to its predecessor, probably due to the more powerful processor.

IFixit Unmount of New MacBooks Pro 2018

The brave disassemblers also spotted in the process the new T2 chip (Responsible for the security center of the device and the command "And a, Siri"). Going for the accessories, it was also noticed new power adapter, model A1947, which provides greater impact protection but at the same time exchanges the metal USB-C port for a plastic one.

IFixit Unmount of New MacBooks Pro 2018Right new power adapter

What's more, the new 13 ″ MacBook Pro is basically the same. In terms of repairability, the only positive point noted by the firm remains the trackpad, which is removable and replaceable without tampering with any other component of the machine; all other main elements (processor, memory, RAM, keyboard, battery and speakers) are soldered to the logic board or top case and make a replacement almost impossible. As a result, the new machine had a repairability index of 1/10.

For those who want to check out the teardown complete, here it is.

And the 15 ″ MacBook Pro?

Regarding the new 15-inch MacBook Pro, iFixit has not yet published the full photo teardown, but has already released its video showing the process and there is basically no difference here from its smaller sibling. The positives and negatives were the same, as was the reparability index.

Unfortunately it seems that the trend of "irreparability" is here to stay, indeed. What do you think?