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iFixit Releases Gut Wallpapers from New iPads

Al tradition: a iFixit disassembles the news from Apple (and other manufacturers, too) and a few days later wallpapers with the internal components of these devices for those who like to give a more "industrial" air to their gadgets even if only when the screen is on.

The latest devices to receive their own “internal” wallpapers are, of course, the new iPads, recently disassembled by the site: mini and Air. There are two versions for each model, a traditional one, showing what you would find below the screen if the start up (please don't do this); and an X-ray style with a wider view of the internal components.

Just select the image you prefer below and save it to your device:

iPad mini

"iFixit "iFixit

iPad Air

"iFixit "iFixit

After saving the desired image, go to Settings Background Choose New Background. Be sure to configure your wallpaper as aesthetic, to enhance the feeling of transparency.

Have a good time! 😉