iFixit publishes photos and details about the insides of the new 15-inch MacBook Pro

Tradition tradition, there's no way: I love it when Apple launches new products, it's always really cool to check the news and browse its website, but when it comes to hardware, it's also great when iFixit publishes its famous teardowns and they usually occur on the same day, as is the case with the new 15-inch MacBook Pro.

iFixit opens new 15-inch MacBook Pro

The folks there were very curious to know what they would find inside that machine the first Apple laptop with a processor quad-core and the first in the world to incorporate a Thunderbolt interface.

Here are the highlights that are not revolutionary, we advance now:

  • The machine model has remained the same since October 2008: A1286.
  • The new MBPs use a PC3-10600 RAM equal to 21.5 and 27 inch iMacs, but different from old Ma laptops.

    Although it is backwards compatible with PC3-8500 combs, these cannot be used in the new machine.

  • The 77.5 watt battery has the same capacity as its predecessor.

    Only instead of promising 8-10 hours, Apple now says its autonomy is 7 hours.

  • In this new design, the battery can be easily disconnected from the logic board without having to remove it optimally for repairs.
  • The Wi-Fi card now has four antennas, instead of three.

    This should slightly improve your performance / reach.

  • As with most laptops unibody 15 ″, it has two fans.

    To help them work, Apple uses a series of thermal sensors spread across the machine including some near the trackpad, battery and logic board.

  • The SuperDrive model is now UJ8A8, while the previous one was UJ898.

Check out some more photos that we selected, below:

iFixit opens new 15-inch MacBook Pro

iFixit opens new 15-inch MacBook Pro

iFixit opens new 15-inch MacBook Pro

iFixit opens new 15-inch MacBook Pro

Who wants to buy one of these?